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This was the first shoot of springbreak 2003. Actually I hit Keywest first, because theres this one bar that has awesome wet t shirt contests. So I called them up and asked them if I could bring my camera and video camera down there. They told me no, but If I brought them $1500 for the week it would be cool. Thats a lot of money but I figured I need to update Naked Spring Break Wild Flasher World for my PA members so why not and it would be fun to be in Keywest for the week. Anyways when I get there I ask to see the general manager as he told me, but then he tells me "things have changed". It turns out that a local company who does real porn sites now has an exclusive. So basically I travelled 3000 miles to shoot wet t shirt contest pics for nothing. But not for nothing, is my attitude on springbreak and the very next day I drove up to Daytona Sand and got these pics. I was right in front of the crowd. Overall it turned out pretty good I got over 2000 pictures, not counting what I got from South Padre and Mexico.From this day I shot 468 shots though That are updated on my site. Expect to see more contributions that actually get real wild.

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After the response to my last set of pictures I promise to lay off numbered clothing at least for a little bit hehe. I got a few emails through our site asking about some pictures of me in some different colors and I thought I'd take some in one of the rarest colors for me which is green. It sorta works for me but I think if my hair were lighter blonde itd be a much better fit. Anyhow I tagged along when David went out of town last week for some boring ass business conference and we got to stay in one of my favorite hotel rooms ever. I absolutely fucking love the benchlike footrest they have in there rooms because it is really comfortable to sprawl out on-especially if you want someone else to do all the work ;). There also cool because you can tie someone to it and punish them if they take bad pics or leave you alone in the room all day withotu a minibar key. Hehe.

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