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We were visiting some friends in St. Petersburg, Florida. They enjoy flashing and NIP as much as we do but they are a little new at it so they are a bit shy. Anyway, we were talking about doing some flashing but in a different way than usual when the idea of body paint came up. We have done that before but we were ready for whatever. Next thing we knew, our friends came up with a box of jewels or maybe you could call them rhinestones. Add a little glue and we were ready to rock and roll. When the jewels were in place we were ready to go take some pictures! Most of these were taken at Weedon Island and also at a small mall in St. Pete. We think the jewels add a nice touch to an already exciting hobby. Any couples in Central Florida who would like to join us or check out flashing or NIP just leave an e-mail address in comments.

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