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I went to work yesterday and got there early. I have noticed Sunny and I are both opening at our respective stores and I really didn't want to run into her. Knowing my luck, someone she knows saw the first pics I sent in, or even worse, my website, and I can only imagine her reaction. She did say she wanted people to see them, but she is famous for being tempermental--Sunny recently fired a really nice girl I know who works at the music store, because "her tastes didn't fit with the store's." Sunny is ice, taking pics of her was awkward and she seemed pleased to keep me on edge. But, the recently dismissed girl did say she could get me a pic of Sunny from her days at the mall hot dog stand, complete with the funky outfit!

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Hi, I have enjoyed you site for some while and bought myself a tranny scanner at the weekend which has allowed me to send you these pictures. They were taken by a friend of mine of my fabulous little wife as a birthday present to me and after seeing voy-zone I am wondering .........Has he saved the best ones of him and her for himself and will be posting them here next week or am I just a lucky guy to have such a cutie and a babe for a wife.......What do you all reckon? I'll let you all decide, just glad I could share something that is well beyond my awful photographic capacity with you all. If you leave nice comments I may well show her and not end up sending in the "Here aremy balls in a jar of formaldehyde on the sideboard" contri PS, sorry about the custard splurges on the face but my wife is actually the First Lady and so needs her identity protected :-)

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