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Attached are some photos of my wife, Barb, with some eye distortion done for security. They were zipped using Norton Commander, if that matters. Display them in your naked in public section, please. Title them Barb on Fla. Strand. I had sent in some pic calling them and don't recall seeing a acknowledgement of them nor have they shown up on the site. Should i resubmit or were they not satisfactory. Story We were in Florida on vacation and looking for a playa and found a pull off near a military base, somewhere within a couple hours of DisneyWorld on the easter shore. The strand had few people on it. We disrobed and tooke some pics and notice that 4 guys were real close and watching. I regret that I did not include them in some pictures of my wife.

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After meeting here on naturist, Denice and I became friends via email. She came down to Florida to stay with me for a few days and then drove to Atlanta to meet some other friends. Naturally, we couldn't resist taking photos together. She and I both take a lot of our own photos using a tripod so we are both used to being in front of and behind the camera so to speak. Last Friday afternoon, we went to the same park you see in our Econtris and in my FS contris. Nobody was around so we were comfortable taking nude photos. I shot several of Denice and she took several of me. Then we used the tripod as well as the picnic bench and set one camera up using the timer while we took turns taking pics of one another so that you could see what we looked like in the park. Sure, it would have been much easier to do this having another photographer but Eric had to work and there was nobody else around to do it. Besides, the challenge was fun. Denice thought it would be fun to take shots wading in the water until I reminded her that we had gators here. You should have seen the look on her face! Here are some of the shots we took of each other and together from that day. It was so nice to meet finally and we really had a wonderful visit.

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