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Hey there everyone! (PART 2 of 3) Continuing with my recent trip to Miami (South Beach), if you saw my previous posts, I was in Miami at a trade show and got invited to a party held at this cool South Strand Bar called "ICE." I met the hottest bartender and after a wild night getting naked in public, flashing, etc, I decided to invite the bartender back to my hotel in South Sand. I was in the hotel lobby and had previously met a really cool night clerk at the hotel. I told him I would like to get naked and he said OK, go for it! He wanted to know if I wanted the lights on...LOL. So, OK, here we go- three posts to share these pictures from my fun with the bartender all over the hotel. Does any of you recognize this boutique hotel in South Beach? If so, leave it on my Message Board. I'd love to hear from you! Anyway, I got so hot at the nightclub and couldn't wait to get back to the hotel. Once we got inside, I took my clothes off right away and after making out, started sucking his dick right in the hotel lobby. I was so frisky, I moved over to the front door and sat 5 feet away and pulled his cock out and sucked it right there. Fortunately, no one came (except him...LOL). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this second of three parts. Hugs, Suz.

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Hi, due to all the positive comment on our 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th contri on voy-zone we will continue sending pics. We will try to answer all people who send us messages. We are also into trading ..... pics, who knows what it might lead to. Well all you RC-ers, we hope you enjoymy pics & remember 'superb' votesand nice comments may persuade us to send some more. RC, go on with your great site !!! Kisses fromItaly ... Sono davvero eccitante, sexy. Non sono particolarmente bella, ma sono calda, affascinante, misteriosa, spregiudicata. Dai miei occhi apparo come molto smaliziata, e avida, insaziabile.Sono vera, calda, sexy. Cosa ne pensate sullo scambiarcifoto, pensieri, desideri, aspirazioni e perche no, momenti di caldo erotismo? Ne sarete lusingati. Con moltoansiami piacerebbe trovare nella mia casella di posta elettronica alcune vostre foto... la sorpresasara inaspettata e molto gradita, mi piace entrare nell'intimita delle coppie, mi eccita molto pensare avoi che vi mostrate in pose sexy e calde, sapendo di fare eccitare me e il mio compagno che come me apprezza questo lato delle donne e... Allora lasciate un vostro messaggio e indirizzo elettronico. Rispondo sempre.

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