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Hi everyone :o). Last month the theme for the special econtri contest was Mirror play. I was thinking what could I do that was a little bit different than everyone else. Well, I came up with an idea that recieved tons of attention, more than I could ever imagine. What I did was start out by a "single D", then "double D" and so on, creating one more image with each contri using only mirrors, no photoshop, I ended at "sextet D". Since then I have had many requests to do a full contri using the same theme, so I did a reshoot and here is what I came up with. I got a bit higher than "sextet", but couldnt manage to hit "10" (whatever that is, hehe). Hope you enjoy :o)

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STCL's hubby here, passing my wife around via video to celebrate TEN YEARS of her sluttiness on naturist HomeClips! While some of my favorites like VanessaB and Kelsie have been posting here for years, I think STCL is one of the few left from the site's early years. I sometimes ask her if she fantasized about being your sex toy when she was much younger, but she says she didn't even masturbate until after she graduated high-school. I'm not sure I buy that, but she's a strange mixture of whore and good-girl. At any rate, you can find the full length videos that I sourced for these compilations on Naturists. Be sure to check it out and do cum for my wife. She LOVES IT!!!

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