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Beautiful British Columbia We have always loved the land just to the north of us, and this last year has given us even more reason. From the shores of Vancouver Island to the slopes of Whistler, British Columbia is a constant assault on the senses. We always love to top our trips off with fine wine and food, and the bounty does not stop with the sights. A leisurely stop by Sooke Harbor House or Val d'Isere satisfies many of our other senses. On this shoot, we had a number of other things that we don't usually have to deal with when we are closer to home. We had blazing sun, making it hard to control the contrast in our photos, and we had a big black bear say hello on the trip back up the hill from the strand. Oh, the things we do for the voy-zone! Besos to our Canadian friend, who is Sienna's special "C" in BC.

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Hi to all naturist Connoisseurs, Mid-October my hubby posted a little outdoor striptease series of me in the FREE STYLE section, and the feedback from you was so overwhelming that I was encouraged to continue. But first of all big “THANX” to all of you who sent me such nice comments. I tried to respond to most of the comments with some personal “encore pics”, but unfortunately there was not always an e-mail given or the address was just wrong. From the last posting I got the impression that you like outdoors, therefore I decided to post a series which was done during our last vacation. On the way from our summer house to the strand we passed a wall with nice graffiti. One early evening when we were on our way to dinner in a restaurant and I was dressed up very sexy I got the idea that this graffiti might be the perfect background for a little striptease. When proposing this to my hubby he immediately got out the camera (I am suspecting he had the same thoughts). Off course were we discovered by other motorists driving by and some of them even slowed down, but this only added to the excitement of doing this series. Find attached the 9 best pics from that series as well as one more of me in my red pants, which led to a lot of comments during the last posting. I hope you like this contri as well and I am eagerly awaiting your comments. Love

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