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Here goes the second installment of my CBB-profile-picture-contri. For those of you who missed the September stint, here’s a recap of the background. At the CBB (Contributors Hangout) we have a recurring profile-picture play going on. One theme is chosen and everybody updates her/his pic to match the theme…or then invents a good excuse why it should match. So, here’s an update on what happened these last couple of weeks.. It is a great way to get to know each other better, not only through the contributions you all see on FS, PS, RC, etc, but also discuss, banter and have…nekkid fun ! Thank you, wonderfully alluring, mind-spurring and thought-provoking CBB-ers ! Oh..why "Groovy Cat" ? ..well..ask Sushigirl..hehehe

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Hi Team and all you wonderful people.Our second contrib., thanks for all the great comments last time. or those of you who asked,the last ones had the back drop of Lyttelton HarbourHope you like these ones. We found a friend, found a place to take photos, I was the cameraman, my wife just had fun. There are more from this evening, let us know if you would like to see. Number 1 Just starting out and getting a little warm. Number 2 Gee what's that in my hand?. Well what's under those white panties?. Number 3 Lets get warmed up. Number 4 Now that's a better angle. Number 5 Yes it is going in. Number 6 Now that's how I like it. Number 7 Mind you this is not a bad way also.

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