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Also known as, KCat's Pamela Lee Impression! hehe. It's kind of become a ritual of ours that if we're on a long road trip, I have to give my driver a blowjob. It started on our very first trip down when we had been dating for a few months & I was still trying to impress him. But now I have to do it *every* time! As long as I get to bring my little blue vibrator, I don't mind though. :) Between me sucking his cock, trying to hold the video camera & trying to drive, when he came he had slowed all the way down to 60 km/h! The highway we were on had a 100 km/h speed limit to give you an idea of how slow that was. Don't try this at home, kids! hehe

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I appreciate the feedback to my last set of photos. I took some of the advice and have started doing more exercise to kick my butt into feeling better. I feel much improved since I've been doing some jogging, though with a chest like mine it isn't always the easiest thing and I have to wear a sports bra which is so constricting its a challenge. I own a lot of athletic clothing though, sports team shirts and a surprisingly amount of tops with a number on them. I have found its good motivation to get myself primed for movement, and it gets me in the mood to get my blood pumping. I was doing some stretching and pilates the other day when David started snapping some pics, and he seems to rather appreciate the look (though I have yet to see any pics or video we've taken for our website that doesn't hold his interest LOL). Seeing how the shots turned out I am pretty happy with my workout routine's results so far, and it has brightened my mood to the point where I want some sort of physical activity almost all of the time! :)

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