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When Tea and I first started talking online we were talking about special abilities. Some of it was sexual--catch her in the right mood and Tea will tell you how good she thinks she is at giving head or that she thinks her pussy is better/tighter/cuter than other girls--but she we were also talking about random abilities like being able to use chopsticks. She made an aside about being able to take her bra off underneath her clothing and it blew my mind. These are shots from one of the first times we hung out--in fact, it was on the day I first showed her naturist and my website--and she demonstrated her ability for me. I gotta say, I was pretty impressed!

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Betty and I haven't chatted much lately, but she sent me an IM this morning to fill me in on her life. She was seeing an ex for awhile, but now is single again. She asked me to send these photos in (I'd held off when she was taken for a bit there). She wants me to come by her place sometime this weekend--she has a major fetish for being watched. She told me that all of her male friends have seen her get herself off at one time or another, and she actively encourages them doing the same while they watch. You can't argue with that--though I am hoping for a bit more interaction, which would make for some great voy-zone photos and video for our website!

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