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Hey Kate Asher and crew! SweetKat and I took these pics during the summer. after letting them sit around a while we decided to share them with the great voy-zone! they were taken in a small park in our town off the side of a walking trail. after we took them we were a little horny so we decided to have some fun, to make a long story short some guy came down the trail with his dog. the look on his face was hilarious! we just grinned and he walked away really fast. well anyway title this "Triple Crown NIP 1" in honor of Asher. 3 more to come in NIP and some in private and nudisttoo. We will be looking forward to the comments on the BB especially from the women!

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Kate - Love the site... visit it daily! It's great how guys are willing to share pics of there W/G's. And it's great how women share themselves too. So, after a long time visiting, I knew it was only fair to contribute too. She doesn't know, and would definately kill if she found out. These pics were taken a few years ago. I love cute baggos and nice rears... hope others to too. Only docs have seen her bod besides me (virgin till married to me)... well until now, that I've sent them to you of course. What's with the blurs down below? As long as there's no pentetration, it should be okay. I'm curious - Enjoy!

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