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Well, I have been called many things in my life........flirt, tease bitch, slut, home wrecker, lover, intimidator, dominator, money maker, but NEVER, NEVER, NUNCA have I EVER been called a dude, an hombre. Those voyeurs with this opinion should wipe the cum off their monitor screens and have another look.....and, BTW......I have noticed that some of these same people have been going to the "M" pix to have a look and then make sophomoric commentary. Hmmmmm....have we got some issues here?? Ahora, I hope this series cures your masculine insecurities and makes you a fan of mine;-)

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Lady La La is at it again. Hi ya'll, just hanging around at the mall. Putting a little "kitten" in the Holiday air. It was a blast. I was wet from the first ride down the escalator and oh, when the guys and ladies were looking and turning around to cum back to watch the show, I was slippery wet. I rode a nice hard cock like the energizer bunny. I came & came for 20 minutes straight. No up & down orgasms 6-8 times, just On and waving for 20 minutes. That video is in the "private archive files". Glad to hear appreciation, like gorgeous body. Didn't know ya'll liked my tits! I am a natural entertainer & love to give you something to think about on those long over the road trips. C Ya out and about. You might c me.

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