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kate, i truly think your site is turning into a sensation (assuming you didn't already believe that it was). i was mentioning the site to a couple people at work, and they were already aware of it. they love your comments, as do i. anyway, it is with heavy heart that i submit these pics, for they are the last of the bunch. hopefully, you will feel like i do that i saved the best for last. i gotta tell you, SABINE has a great body, plus her pics are excellent quality, but no face. AMBER, well AMBER has the body that every 16-year-old boy dreams of (and quite a few 41-year-olds, i must admit), but until today, she was also a killer body with no face. (i still don't think we've seen her breasts, though, have we?) but now that we've seen that she is also quite cute, the ante has been upped. i am sending along the final 6 pics of Jae for you to post as you see fit, plus one editted shot for those who like to see the goosebumps on their women's nipples. i wish i had a better scanner, because this girl is much more attractive that these scanned shots give justice. it's been fun. keep of the great work. rich

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Hello Kate, On the recommendation of a friend, I visited your site for the first time today. I was really impressed! Had a great time in your chat room, too...although I almost gave up due to the number of requests for pics. I thought I would post a few to help that problem next time. These are some that my dear friend (and now roommate,) Cassie, took of me this summer after a friend's wedding. It started out innocently enought, but after a few 'adult beverages' I got carried away. I guess the fact that I didn't wear any underwear to the reception helped some, too. In any case, here they are. I guess you can call them the "After Party." Hope you like them.

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