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Hello naturist crew and fans!! Here we areon Bolivar/McFadden plage in High Island. You can see how much fun we had even though the weather was looking bad and it was starting to rain. We had a few people stop and check us was kinda funny watching them drive back and forth. Heide has never done freestyle pictures before and it was a new experience for her and she loves it now!! Look for part 2 and other scenes of us together from that day and evening!! This is a mix of pics by Norseman and Wbt. They had a huge ball taking these and both are still walking around with a smile!! Hehehe!! Don't forget to vote for us and enjoy!! Love,

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Hello Kate and Crew! Hi to everyone else!! *smooch* TC and I had a few hours alone in the house, and took advantage of the soft light filtering through the window. I bought this pretty black teddy, and I adore it!! I love the mood in these pictures. I was not smiling a lot in them, as I was in seduction mode so I could get some loving from TC. And loving I did get, as you will see in voy-zone!! *wink* This whole set will go up on the site soon, so I hope you will enjoy these in the mean time!!!!! Let me know, I would love to hear from you!!! Be watching for the voy-zone contri too! :) Love and kisses,cherokee

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