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Kate and Friends-- Hello again! I have another contribution for "nude in public." I have a lot of friends in the BB that ask if I really like to show off in public, so I wanted to show that I really do! It's a huge kick to be naked out in the open!! The pics here are from 2 different nights: one at a nightclub, where we got a bit playful with a friend out in the parking lot (who also helped out with the "upskirt" shot); the other was out on the street and in the car during a party. Thanks to everyone who posts on the BB--I appreciate all the encouraging comments! . You have a great website, Kate, I'm having a great time with it!!

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Greetings! I wanted to send in the other pix I liked from this set because I was very flatered by the sweet response to the pix I sent in a bit ago (ya know the ones proving I know how to wash my butt! HAHA). Even though my friend was all mad at me when he took these pics 'cause I sent him IM messages on his celly until he came by, he made me look really good so I have to give him respect. I have always ended up in front of a camera since I can even remember, but I normally am not down with how I look. But I like these and one other set of pix on our webpage the best. I am 100% cool to take more so just hit me up with what you wanna see. Respect!

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