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It was cool enough outside last week that I went out to farmer's market, and even put a little effort into my appearance before I left our flat. I am thankful it has cooled down a bit, and I feel like a bit of a brat complaining about the summer heat--many emails through my website definitely made me feel better about my distance from the equator! A few gentlemen also made me blush by including photos to demonstrate their own "no clothes" approach to staying cool. Perhaps its my own perceived lack of experience, but seeing parts of the male anatomy is still something that arouses my curiosity, and yet I still have enough of my own issues that it maintains its forbidden quality on the rare occasions I have access in person. I appreciate the feedback that suggest I could probably have more of these instances if I pursued them, but something about being the aggressor is intimidating in and of itself aside from my lack of confidence and fear that I'd come off like a total dork, let alone make a bad decision. Instead, I spent the better part of some days hopped us on ice tea and watermelon, and let me tell you, that sugar rush makes masturbation extra special. :)

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These pics were taken in Ybor City the weekend of the Gasparilla Pirate Parade. Some very dear friends of mine in Tampa and I have an ongoing argument over which city has the hottest women, Dallas, or Tampa? As you can see, though it pains me to admit it, Tampa Wins! This is part one from the night before the festival. The next night they hung me down with the best beads on Seventh Street and really rubbed it in, I'll save that for part two in case anybody wants to see what changed my mind. If anybody wants to say something about my photography, I'd love to read your comments, if enough of you say something nice, I'll post part two. Lowkey

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