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Kate - Love the site... visit it daily! It's great how guys are willing to share pics of there W/G's. And it's great how women share themselves too. So, after a long time visiting, I knew it was only fair to contribute too. She doesn't know, and would definately kill if she found out. These pics were taken a few years ago. I love cute baggos and nice rears... hope others to too. Only docs have seen her bod besides me (virgin till married to me)... well until now, that I've sent them to you of course. What's with the blurs down below? As long as there's no pentetration, it should be okay. I'm curious - Enjoy!

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As a few million turkeys suddenly realise the pilgrims owe them big time, I give thanks in print to Jimmy The Saint, Douchebag Bob and Small ('but walkin' tall') Ernest - three of the finest geniuses (or 'genii'?) ever to inhabit an IT department like some strange alien fungus.------------------------ They helped me salvage shots I thought long dead along with the compact flash card I blistered in the hot sun. Moreover they helped me complete my Spanish Harem collection (or it that 'Spanish Harlot'?) with some devastatingly tear-inducing recovered pics of an Iberian favourite.----------------- Whatever black magic you fruitcakes worked, be it ritual sacrifice of your pet gimps or Sumerian Book of The Dead recital, I promised I'd give you a shout and here it is. Ok?----------------- Now fuck off back to the dungeon, you goofy bastards, and let the last true amateur playa voyeur (oh, yes, haters - look around the big bad interweb and realise you've been backing the wrong pro horses all along; they're laughing at you mugs) serve the masses some lookee-lookee pussy ;-)) ----------------------------------You see, I am a creator, Inventor and Innovator, I observe the people, The ordinary people, No matter what your occupation is, Everybody's in showbiz. I'm the magic maker, I'm the image maker, I'm the interior decorator, Gonna make you a star, cos everybody's a star. . .

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