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Here's Part 2 of our 5 part series, leading up to an incredible climax! Well we got a few comments about penis size and realized that we didn't mention this was not the only part of our series. So for those out there, praying to the Penis Enlargement Gods on my behalf, it's alright. I was only small when Vixxxen started...wait until the end. Besides, anyone looks small burried between two 42DD ta-ta's! :-) Hope everyone likes this new set out of the series in our attempt to submit a cool blowjob contri. At least we had a great time trying. I'll admit, it's kind of tricky to take pictures and get pleasured by a true lover of oral but I will just have to practice a LOT!! Later,

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What Luck - This is Savannah! I scanned and brightened these pics for the naturist crowd so that we may bring a better representation of Austin to the Nude in Public Section... It starts out where these 2 girlies are showing their stuff to a mostly male crowd on Fat Tuesday '99 in front of Maggie Mae's on Sixth Street (You can see The Ritz in the background...) For some reason these blondes really wanted to put on a show so they hopped on top of a car for the full experience. Ole' Johnny Law was close at hand and managed to snag the girl on the right - Never noticed how bright those cop uniforms shine while being flashed. I take it they didn't want the city's name all over some nudey pics?! Anyways - throughout the series we see the hottie trying desperately to get her overalls back on and avoid being arrested... The trials and tribulations of a modern day exhibitionist... Really nice sideshot of her breast, huh? My friend Rifter did a good job photographing - he gets all the credit! 6 pics total - Please title "Austin Mardi Pardi" and be a dear and don't publish my email! From:

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