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Hi, nudistebbers. After years of enjoyable browsing here, I've decided to do my part for the greater good. I'm posting my pics here for three reasons. First, I'm an exhibitionist, and I'll enjoy knowing you're looking at me. Second, I want your feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, even you homophones, you're good for a laugh. Post your e-mail, and I will respond, promise. And third, I've got this fantasy that I'd like to try out in real life. I'm hoping there's a woman out there who'd like to give it a go. The last three pics illustrate my fantasy. I'd like to be a naked servant for a woman. A fun-loving, adventurous woman, who would enjoy having my attention for an hour, or an afternoon, or longer. I could do your laundry, paint your toenails, or serve at your next tea party. Or .... you fill in the blank, please. You're in charge. I'm not necessarily looking for sex, but I think a sexually-charged atmosphere would be a lot of fun. Are you game? Are you in Minnesota? Please write me!

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I love to eat fattening foods like hamburgers, frys, ice cream, lobster dripping in butter, steaks and baked potatoes ect.... I weigh only 93 lbs of muscle and DO NOT DO DRUGS!!! I am only 5'1" and have a 24" waist, which is supposed to be the perfect size, according to modeling statistics. I am a very nice an sensitive person, so I perfer that you leave only good comments. I was a Physical Ed major at SDSU and am in better shape than most of the 18 year olds I went to college with. I love sports and my favorite is football. These pics are for the people that dont think I eat. I eat, but it doesnt do any good!! Love Cali

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