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The sun was warm so we were off to the lake. Bart & I found a secluded section of the sand and got right to work. The clothes came off (and so did we...) I was watched at one point by a passing fisherman in a small motorboat, and was almost caught again with my "hand in the cookie jar" before our photo session was finished. It was a very fun day, and we can't wait for our next outing. Thanks to all my fans, who are following my contributions. Keep the comments coming! I LOVE reading them! A special thank you to those of you who defend my honor against the negative commentors. That's very sweet of you...

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These photos taken at the "Nudes-a-Poppin" nudefest in Roselawn, In. in August 2003. My wife entered the contest 'just for fun' because she is such an exhibitionist, and what better place to show off your goodies! YES.... almost all of these contestants here are professional strippers, about 2% are just regular people that want to be photographed. Even though most are pros, it ain't no dim-lit club where you can't see what you really want to see....and you can video or photorgraph them in bright sunlight!!! My wife was pretty nervous at first, but 'opened-up' (hee..hee) and showed everyone what they wanted to see!... PINK!.....No, I'm not going to point out which one was my honey, yet. She wants to do it again next year. More to come if the comments don't suck or if you're tired of these kind of submissions!

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