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This is my second winter NAP Contri. But my first of just my wife since last July. This series is from last July, our 3rd NAP. It seems that the subject of Nudes-A-Poppin inspires some rather interesting comments at times. I fail to understand all the negative venom spewed by some. If you don't care for the event fine…don't look at the pics and video, or go to the event. NAP is very much like Voyeur web and Red Clouds in many respects. Both allow you to see just about every type of woman out there. Look at the ones you like. If you are at NAP take a photo, if on RC/Voyeur save the pic. Don't look at the ones you don't find attractive…and keep your negative comments to yourself. We are all here because we either love to look, or love to be seen. NAP is just a next step. As a voyeur you get to see the nude female form live. You can talk to her, get you photo taken with her. As an exhibitionist you get live immediate feedback. My wife loves it. I love catching it all on "film".

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How's It??? I had a long day at work and went for a swim in the pool as soon as I got home. My wife was rushing to go out to work herself but was kind enough to suck my cock first. We met in the kitchen after she was done getting ready to leave and I was out of my board shorts. She loves to suck cock and really works the stick. As you can see she drained it and doesn't waste a drop. The lighting isn't great, this was spur of the moment and I had a flip cam in the kitchen drawer. Luckily we had just enough time and as soon as I was coming down her throat she was going to work. Please vote I'll be sure to send a more polished vid next time.

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