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My name is Kelly and I am a 30 year old teacher in northern california. The photographer was my roommate Jaqui. She doesn't want to submit her pics yet but maybe I can convince her. I have many more to submit from this series if you'll let me but I don't want to show my butt in a place that doesn't want it.. :)~ I got kicked out of a village inn one night because of that. It was about 1 AM on a wednesday night and me and some friends had been out drinkin so my inhibitions were down.(no I didn't have school the next day) 2 of them offered me money to streak the restaurant. It all started when one of my friends flashed a guy through the window. At first I refused wholeheartedly but after they offered up a combined hundred bucks I agreed but the stakes had raised. I went out to my car deposited all of my clothes (including shoes) and came back in to drink coffee. I figured I would make my way to the entrance, walk briskly to the table, and put on my friends coat. But a strange thing happened. Nobody seemed to notice.(it wasn't that crowded) Feeling less scared and ashamed than I anticipated I went to my table and remained nude. It was about 10 minutes before anybody noticed me. They noticed me when I started walking across the restaurant (smiling of course) to fetch my own coffee. I called back to my friends to ask if they needed anything while I was up. That got me noticed. I didn't get the lude cat calls that I expected. Instead I got several nice smiles and knodding expressions. I got a couple of shaking heads and eye rolls from some girls but they didn't seem all that upset. The other few women in the restaurant just thought it was kinda funny. I must have made the coffee run about 5 times being sure to loiter and add my cream and sugar while I was up so that the approving eyes could get a good look.(I figured that both they and I would never get another opportunity like this again so why rob from the experience by getting dressed right away, or hiding at my table) After about 45 minutes nature called so I made my way to the bathroom and when I came out I saw a girl talking to a manager whom I hadn't seen before (must have just gotten there). He caught me on my way back in the middle of the restaurant and scolded me about my rudity and very inappropriate behavior for what seemed like an eternity. He ranted about how I was giving his buisness a bad reputation and that he was very close to calling the cops. He said it was unspeakably rude of me to just assume that everybody wanted to see my ass. At first I thought he had a good pont and felt rather ashamed, but then I remembered all the nice smiles, saw the approving eyes all around me still scanning my body and thought differently. He relented and told me and my friends to leave and that he never wanted to see my butt in his restaurant again clothed or nude. I rushed back to our table to fetch my handbag and a coat when I decided to spite him by walking out of the restaurant and to my car slowly and confidently in the nude.(I wouldn't get this chance again) I made sure to give my walk a nice wiggle. When I got to my car and turned around I saw several people standing up to watch my exit. I gave them all a wave and a final chest shimmy and got into my car. Shame it wasn't photographed, or even better videotaped, (I could probably wind a lot of bets with that video)but I doubt I shall do it again even though I enjoyed it and didn't have to pay for my pie and coffee.. I had a good experience but I don't want to get arrested. I would die if my co-workers and family knew that I got a police record for that.(probably lose my job and be on cnn) Besides, how do you tell your Aunt Bernice and Grandpa Tom that you were arrested for sitting naked for an hour in a restaurant. After that experience I felt more confident about my body(since I took the nudity final exam on the first day of class) so I decided to do the attached photo shoot. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the pictures, but I wanted to do it anyway. My friends tell me that my butt is my best physical quality. After I showed them these they all agreed whole heartedly. I still think it is a bit too jiggly, but I am told that that is a nice quality. I think my tits are ok but I decided to send pics that show off my nice bottom.(at least I'm told its nice?) Let me know if you agree :)

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