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Talk about the biggest TEASE yet, I got my man GOOD! Not only did I surprise him with my 1st contri, his eyes literally popped out when he saw my "Tease Debut" featured on the main page. Yeah, that even made me SMILE! Not only was it waaaaaaaay flattering, it meant the dare we've been throwing around for years was officially ON! :-) So here's my playful guy stepping up to the challenge, as I knew he would! These are just some of the many pics he's sent to tease and tantalize me at work, always accompanying them with juicy thoughts and temptations, revving me up for the evening to come! After all these years, he's still the love of my life, keeping life fun, alive and always full of adventure. I hope you ladies enjoy and appreciate him has much as I do!!! If you'd like to see the dare that started this all, you can find it in Private Shots, December 4, "First Time." Enjoy and thanks to all who left such kind and wonderful comments. We're truly enjoying this new adventure and our newly found friends!

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Ok guys Pete here again ,this is the remaining half of "Jen on theBar".........These are taken in the new "PLAY" area of ourhouse,,,,,,we turned our game room into a night club themed fun area,,,,,,,soto Kate and Co. you have an open invitation!!!!!! We plan on having someWILD and CRAZY weekends there!!!!!! Now back to the photos, after about10 pics we both got so turned on,,,,,that Jen needed some time to adjustmy "TRIPOD".....Which me being the nice guy that I am ,,,,didnot offer any resistance!!!! after about 5 mins.of Jen 's "ADJUSTING"We got back to work(it's a tuff job but some one's got to do it !!!) andhere are the remaining pics......Again we realize that we just sent a bunchof pics to you guys.... so if they are all not posted that's fine, postthem as you see fit . And if you donot use them all that's great too.....thatmeans I just have to shoot more! By the way Jen is so sincerely "FLATTERED"having been chosen for Kate's Hall of Fame.........that she has asked meto say to you,,,,,, "Kate you are SOOOO SWEEEET"...and sends alongsome "BIG KISSES "for you.....anyway enjoy the pics I had a fantastictime taking them and we both look forward to talking to you all very soon, ,,, Pete Hey V.W.Gang This is Pete again,as always I have to commendthe entire staff..... you ALL are doing a great job!!!!! And I would liketo send you guys a case of "STOLYS"(my favorite). Vodka makesthe bumpy days go a little smoother!!! Which it seems like lately you guyshave had a few,,,,, but you have came thru them with shining colors! Ok, Jen sent her last contribution a few days ago which only consisted of3 pics............ Well,,while we were shooting them we both lost controland had to quit ( bet nobody can figure out why) so the next day after shesent them to you ,we began to talk ,,,and Jen had decided she wanted tocontinue where we had left off...so we started to shoot.........and abouthalf way thru(10 Pics),,,,,,,,the same thing happened !!!! (Sorry I justcan't control myself !!! ) So instead of quitting ,,,we took a little "BREAK",,,,,,,,,, it was "HARD " to get back to work !!!! But we startedto shoot again and that is another story. So this is the first half of "Jenon the Bar"....she really enjoys posing .This is such a turn on forher!!!! Well here are her pics ,,,,again I apologize for 10 different mailings....but I am getting a new online service soon,,,, I understand she justsent some pics....and we want to be fair so you can post them whenever youget a chance....it's just that Jen had to get them to you ASAP....she isto much .....she worries about Kate and has to keep him happy she says......See you all again Peter

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