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After arriving home from the airport, we talked in her room as she unpacked. I looked on as she removed her clothes from the suitcase, but paid greatest attention to her lingerie. At this point, her boundaries were just waiting to be explored… When she finished, I rifled through the neatly stacked pile of delicates and separated my favorites. Casting the others aside, I mandated she wear only "these" under her uniform. More so shocked than offended, she asked where her uniform was, and may she see it… (Wearing a uniform was not news to her. It had been explained early on that it was a definite requirement). She was told it would be a formal, ankle-length, maid's dress. Very proper, prim, and pressed. When she pulled it from the closet, the look on her face was just as I hoped; utter disappointment. Holding it up to her body, she realized how unflattering the garment was. If you don't like that one, I said, I do have others you can choose from… As she contemplated her response, I could almost hear the wheels turning. Finally, she asked, "May I try them on, Sir." BINGO! That was all I needed to hear!

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Its always a blur for me at this time of year. My stoner friends hit me up on 420 and then I have Cinco de Mayo with all those lame alcoholics I know. My much needed interlude or sobriety was that I was able to tag along on a weekend trip with David to relax in between it all! So what crazy exciting thing did I want to do when I got away from it all? Catch up on some Zzzzzzz! Ok maybe I also wanted an orgasm or two LOL. I got this sexy little number when I took back the outfit in my last set of photos. Personally I dont wanna sound egotistical or anything but I think i look damn hot in it HA! I'm just playing but it doesn't look bad on me though. I was tripping when I took the other outfit back worrying that someone from the store would have recognize me from here or our website and then they'd know I got some use out of it. Maybe that's why they only gave me store credit? I was glad I spotted this because it looked too sexy to pass up. Looking at how the pics turned out I am convinced I will keep it. And it would just be filtyh to return something that I've had sex in hehehe.

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