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Even though we met half way through it, Tea has been the best thing about my summer. I am excited at how enthusiastic she is about the photographs we've been taking for voy-zone and our website, and since we've both been single, spending a day or two together each week has softened the blow. She is probably the sweetest girl I've met off AOL, hands down. She was pretty into the reaction the first hardcore photos we sent in from this day. There were requests for some ass shots, and Tea suggested I send in what we had taken so far, and that we should take more soon. I also found out her original screen name was her nick name in high school, "Apple Bottom." She has a new one now, but I must say that is quite fitting.

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Hi Everyone!! Wanted to say thanks to Kate and all of the nudist/nudistcrew, that I can post my pictures here, and all of the fantastic pee-lovers out there for the great comments on my last pee-contri. Today some pics from need to pee outdoors but I can't hold it any longer.... and I let it run. I hope you like them..... For those they don't like this pics: please don't look... and hit "next contri" button. Hold your negative comments. for frontal and closer pics,taak a look on my fetish website.... the peelovers can find many, more and I update the site every week with a new set of pictures. I hope you like the Pics. Kisses Susy

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