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Greetings to all..! We are a couple in our 40's living in sunny south Florida. We have been viewers here for a long time and finally I got Mrs Sunshine to pose for a few pictures to start off the new year. Mrs Sunshine as well as myself would like to appologize for blurring out the face but due to her public relations job we must do it in her best interest. She is a mother of 4 beautiful children and an excellent partner, She is not a playboy model in her 20's. Nice comments from you gals (She also has expressed her interest in ladies) and guys will give her confidence a boost to post more daring pictures in the very near future. Thank you very much and have a great and happy 2005.

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Hi Kate: Well, it took a lot of courage the first time out. Most comments were encouraging and supportive. However, for the few comments, such as, we don't want to see that old thing...need to understand that they too, will be in the over-the-hill gang one day. Not all life stops just because you achieve a certain age milestone. Sometimes, it is the beginning. For those that have enough courage to say that life begins at "Fifty Something", here is a posting for you. Kate; thanks for the great experience for both my partner of 25 years and for me. What a thrill. I invite all of the older, less than "hard bodies" to give this a try. Life is just more than one day at a time; it is an experience. Share it and enjoy it! Just try to live outside of the box once in awhile!

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