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My wife (SexySunglasses) has this outfit for a “TogaJoe” party. TogeJoe party’s are Hot & Sexy couple’s parties in NorthEast US. Search the web for more info, we would love to meet other naturist couples at the party’s. We thought this would be the perfect submission for the “Present your body” contest this month, we also figured this would be an excellent opportunity for us to submit our SEVENTH CONTRI. We may also have enough extra pic’s to do a SexySunglasses “The Wall” contri, so look for it soon! We enjoy reading ALL of the comments and we hope to receive many more from all the boys, girls and couples! Have a Happy Marti Gras from Mr. & Mrs. SexySunglasses, PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE!!!!!!!!

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Greetings Everyone!!I am a young (20's) Single White Male.I have been a naturist and voy-zone visitor for almost 2 years now, and I have FINALLY got up the guts to post something to Private Shots!All of these pictures were taken withmy QuickCam... which is why the quality is not the best. I'm not sure how many females visit naturist, or what the response will be, so I am a little nervous. If the ladies out there give me positive feedback I will definitely get a friend to take some realpictures :) I will even pose any way/where requested!- I've already looked into that!'s all in the visitor hands, just let me know what you want to see (on the Bulletin Board I guess)and you shall receive! : )

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