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Thanks for all your votes for Jessica jogging naked through the fields. Well here are some photos nine months later and as you can see she's now heavily pregnant but just as beautiful. I painted her body for the pics but of course Jessica being Jessica then wanted to go out for a walk around the local area but being 6pm on a Friday just as everyone was walking back from work I wasn't sure how this would be received. Anyway, once the baby's born I've promissed we can have a few drinks and take some late night photos in public. Ha - I've even agreed to be naked as I take the photos which could be quite funny.

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Well here it is our first true hard-core submission, I call it a gangbang but I don't know if 2 guys qualifies for a ganging? One day while at a favorite hotel of ours, we invited my best friend (the tall 6'6" black man) to take some pics of me and my g/f. Well, he ended up taken more than pics, I recorded it all on camera. Many b4 my g/f has tried to get my buddy off with oral, with no success, but he did that night (she is that good). Fun was had be all, but I apologize 4 the quality of some of the pics, its hard to take good pics under these situations. PS - Twotone refers to the 2 tones on my cock, nothing else... :)

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