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Hello boys and girls. Boyfriend John and I are getting a new floor put in our living room. We decided to shoot some casual photos while waiting for Manuel to show up with the new tile. We think some of these are kind of cute and decided to share them with our naturist friends. Our new friend Jennifer will be modeling with me next week. We ment her at a club one night. She is forty years old but beautiful and sexy. I hope she doesn't look to much like my mother as she is also tanned and blond. We have already had sex together and we really hit it off. As soon as John shoots the photos we will send them in. Of course these will be a Red Cloud contribution.

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Hi Everyone, We had been wanting to take pics in a parking garage at sunset. We were hoping for something spectacular but it fizzled out early so we made the best of it. I don't usually wear panty hose or any hose for that matter but Boris had just ordered some for me that were totally sheer so I had to try them out. I was having a blast posing but the camera man was getting nervous about being caught by a video camera. Seems every time I start to go wild he's there to rein me in. Guess that's a good thing. ;-) Thanks to everyone that left a message on my last contri, I really love them all. They're the reason I keep sending pics. :-) Hope you have time to stop by and say hi. Luv, Natasha n' Boris xoxo

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