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I'd like to introduce a new Boe's Babe. I have just put up a new site within the Boe's Babes group about my girlfriend,Melissa. It cranks me up seeing her gettin' it on with other guys or gals and I've taken lots of pics of her with different people lately. Melissa is pals with Nympho Nelli and she talked us into putting the pics up on a site for everybody to see. (This after a night we spent with her - more pics I'll have to show you later...hehehe)Boe was agreeable, the site is up and running, and we'll even be adding vid clips soon. Check us out. But for now, here's the first contri for My Melissa.

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WHEW! Ain't this great? Here is Maria (still on her HORNY streak) outside at the lake. I shot the entire time with my digital video camera so the video caps are pretty good quality. I'm working on an MPG of the money shot. While we were there, a guy in a pickup drove up to our car (about 20 yards away) and sat and watched us for 3 or 4 minutes. During the first minute or so, Maria did not know that he was there, she was laying on her back, with her legs spread apart about a foot. Once I told her that he was there, she got completely out of control and started rubbing her pussy thru the material and slid her bikini top off of her tits and started pinching and rubbing her nipples WHILE THE GUY WATCHED! She pretended that she did not know that he was there. Right after he left, she started the blowjob and it didn't take long for me to shoot my wad in her mouth and on her face! Check out the next contri...Maria's 3rd's got the Money shot! :-) (Gotta go to voy-zone to get THAT one!) gotta include the last shows all five fingers! I send the pics with missing fingers to RC! hehehe Katemania rules...pdsme Enjoy!

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