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Thanks for the great response to our earlier set! We got a lot of requests for "More!!" and that's why we sent in this set. We were shooting mostly for a show I have coming up at an art gallery, so we didn't shoot much color, and she didn't smile much. I guess a smile isn't art, or something. Anyway, we had a bunch of black and white images including one of the only ones where she's smiling, they are! If you want more in color, and missed the first batch, check at December 3rd, "Scarlett and the Abandoned House." Those are in color. We hope you guys and ladies enjoy these as much as we did taking them.

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OK first of all will the suys PLEASE READ... These are pics of a male ok they are for the LADIES or the guys who want to look. please dont give the comments like you are gay - i am not . if you want to comment on how small my penis is all i can say is where is your pics. i want to do this for fun i dont need some little boy saying things cuz it makes them feel good. all ican say is go away. so anyway i am BabyCJ`s man and i thought i would do this for her since she thinks i wont do it and to tell the truth i dont know why lol. anyway for the people /ladies who want to look i hope i done ok. if i get good comments i will do more.. thanx scotty

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