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Hello everyone. Boy do I have a suprise. I was able to get Nikki back for some more pics. Many of you already know Nikki from some of her previous submissions to voy-zone. This set I took of her was done at her house. I just dropped by unexpectedly to say hello and to snap some shots. I prefer shooting girls in their normal environments while they look natural, and not all dolled up. I had to fight Nikki to do it, but she finally gave in, as you can see. Well, hope you enjoy the pics. Oh and by the way, thank you all for your overwhelming support of my personal pics last month. I absolutely loved your positive comments. Posting soon!! Hugs and Kisses,

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I sending another contri as the first was not naturist material. I just want the EBB Gals to know how much I enjoy them. You allow me, even if for only a fleeting moment, into your virtual life. In the EBB, you open up and let each of us experience your true beauty, the beauty you can only see through thoughtful and sociable conversation. And you acknowledge our compliments and fantasies with e-hugs & e-kisses. You make my day!!! I know I'm not a young hunk, but as I've said before, I do this as a sincere gesture, baring my soul to you so to speak. This is exciting and whether there are good comment or bad, I have enjoyed this experience. Maybe now I can relate better with each of you in EBB! Hugs & Kisses to the Lovely Ladies of EBB!!!

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