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Hi, Loved the shots of Mrs. Cutewoman so thought we would post some of our own out and about in the same town hoping that she will get in touch with us to do a joint photo shoot, possibly at the same locations. We would love to hear from other couples interested in swapping public flashing pics and/or meeting for photo shoots. Laura loves to dress to please and flash in public and wore the black pvc outfit for a walk along the front despite the usual N Wales weather, wet and windy! The skirt and top of the white outfit blows up very easily and the challenge is to walk the length of the front without stopping them from blowing up. The bench shots were taken in warmer weather last August.

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Here we are in beautiful Hawaii and what do we do? Take pictures for naturist and RC…. Hmmmmm well there are worse places to do that :0) The title of our first submission to voy-zone a few weeks ago was "Merci in Blue" this one could almost be titled "Blue in Merci" …… hehehe. This isn't my favorite toy, but it is my most photogenic one :0) My favorite is my rabbit… maybe you'll get to see him one day, though the way his ears vibrate I'll have to have Cam set the camera on "action" and a fast shutter speed…. Thanks for the sweet comments before, we love reading them and try to answer back as much as possible. We have made some nice friends just from the people leaving comments:0) Still have another few days of vacation! I am sure the camera will come out again at some point :0) Aloha

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