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Hey naturist Gang! I got such great feedback on the first "Study of Light" that I thought I would send in these which were taken later that same day. The pic with me sitting in the chair is DrFunPics favorite. He says he likes the way my boobs look. Later, as the sun was shining through the window, it cast a shadow of our lace curtains onto my breast. That's how we ended up with the "flower shot". The rest of the pics were just different poses contrasting my skin-tone against the grain of the hardwood floor. I really hope you enjoy this series, because we certainly enjoyed shooting it. Kisses

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Here is the second part... a couple of clarifications: 1. all you rude people out there, who leave rude comments, have at least the guts to leave your email address too; 2. yes, she cheats on her boyfriend, so what? It does not seem to me this is the first time in the voy-zone history that this happen; 3. if you have to pay to have sex it doesn't mean everyone does; 4. you are just a bunch of envious losers. All other viewers... enjoy this second part. Quality is not great, but hey... it's not easy to conceal a working webcam.... BTW, the last pic is of me inside her ass, as someone requested... sorry but the angle is always the same, so there's no "big view"... Ciao P.S.: my deepest sympathy and grieving goes to all the victims of the terrorist attack in NYC, and of course to all their families.

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