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Just like in my naturist post before this one. There really is no story here. Wes just grabbed the camera started taking pics. We know that if you are reading this and looking at nudistthen its naked women and couples that you want to see. You want to see pussy, ass's, boobs and you want it NOW. LOL right? Ok so stop reading and scroll down and look at my nakedness. Have fun!!!! If you got a complaint about the hair, I am so tired of reading " shave it, or let it grow" It's a 50/50 split when it comes to hair. OK here is a little self promotion if I might!!! Check out my site I have posted a bunch of videos and pictures recently. I have not actually counted but I bet I got a COUPLE THOUSAND pictures. If anyone wants to count them and let me know I would be happy to know the actuall number. LOL

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