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Since this is the last day to submit photos for the 10 Years voy-zone Theme I thought I would send in one last contribution, with a mixture of pictures from the previous four sets that I took for the contest but did not use. Some of these photos may look similar to ones used in the other contributions but I assure you they are different pictures. I had a lot of fun posing for the photos for this contest. I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures. If you like these pictures please vote for me and leave me a comment telling me what you thought of them. Thanks again. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Love, Michelle

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Logan'S Lovely Lady Lumps (Lol) - Why are people so obsessed with the way they look? Seriously...I know girls who put on their make up just to get their mail! On Tuesday when I receive the weekly grocery store ads there are several ads in the circular for breast augmentation, laser surgery, and teeth whitening....What's up with that, women looking for deals on lunch meat are also looking to remove wrinkles from their forehead....What's next? Bums me out...I think that everyone needs to relax the expectations a little. I know my boobs are small...I'm tiny...I hate my teeth....sometimes I feel weird about it all but whatever. I'm me. I know I look nothing like a real model or not nearly as hot as some of the other women on this site, but I don't let that stop me. I have my own site and I have fun posing for pictures (though I like being behind the camera more and more...but thats another story). Some people hate on me but it seems like at least some of you like me for what I am....least it seems that way. Thank you for that!

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