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I would like to say hello to everyone at the naturist office, as well as all the nudist/nudistviewers and wish you all a very safe and happy holidays! This is how Mark and I have been keeping warm this winter and we are enjoying every miniute of it. I hope you will all enjoy this contri of me enjoying the feeling of cock in my mouth, but we had been at the bar all night, I met this really cute young 19 y/o girl ( I'll show ya later ) and I was pretty aroused. We were all drunk, and I was not about to take advantage of that fact, so I took her home ( like a good girl ) and went home and enjoyed Mark instead... after all he is not realy allowed to resist.. he did say "I do" and "till death do us part" so ... lmao cum by my site and see what we are up to at this moment on cam.. Licks & Kisses Cya soon!

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Since I can remember, my school schedule doesn't feel quite in full swing mode until the Canadian Thanksgiving has passed and the fall harvest season hits. Now that the parties are over, I'm finally getting into a routine and I am getting ready to prepare for my mid-term exams. My flatmate made a suggestion after seeing these underpants that they were perfect to celebrate the season, and I wanted to enjoy one of the season's last opportunities to enjoy the relative warmth. When it's zero degrees celcius, I can hardly wear a skirt! I may notice the cold winter even more though, because I am not really speaking to my guy friend (who I am in that video with on my site). But I won't rule it completley out, if I have time for any social life, I could meet someone new, or he could always come crawling back! :)

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