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After tackling my coffee table, Kira wanted a rematch with the cutting block island in my kitchen. There was such an overwhelming response to the earlier pics we attempted there that I didn't hesitate (those are definitely my faves of all taken for here and our site). I was ecstatic to try some different angles this time. When we'd spoken online via IM, Kira had joked about trying to maneuever a handstand or something, but the best she could do was balance on her hands for awhile. We went at it all towards the end of a massive Tivo marathon of Arrested Development and recent Daily Shows, and Kira has told me since she attributes her lack of busting moves to a bit of fatigue at the time. In the end though, it was totally worth it. Of course, from my experience, Kira tastes better than anything else my kitchen has to offer.

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I had dreamed of taking pictures of my wife for years. I got a digital camera and one day surprised her with it while she was changing. She thought I was joking, then realized it was for real and ran for the bed to hide. She wouldn't let me take the pictures. I did what any real man would do in such a situation. I begged. She said ok. I got a couple of pics. She insisted I delete them immediately. I did. Too bad she doesn't know about deleted file recovery. This fantasy fulfillment got me really worked up. My wife was tired and didn't want to humour me later. I tossed and turned and woke up constantly. About 3am I realized she was in deep sleep and decided to risk some sleeping shots. It took me almost 30 minutes to unbutton her PJs and get the covers off without waking her. Then she must have gotten warm because she kicked off her covers and was mostly exposed. I share these pics with you I have covered up almost all identifiers in the pictures. She has no idea that I am posting these. She would kill me if she knew. It turns me on to think of thousands of men staring at her. She doesn't think she is very good looking, but she turns my crank in a very hard way. All negative comments will be happily ignored.

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