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Hi everyone! Last month my hubby sent in a video of me going to the drive thru completely naked. Never done that before but my husband dared me and I said sure as long as I dont get in trouble. After the video came out you guys said so many nice things that I have to admit made my head really big, but my ego is back down to earth now and I made another video of me trying on a special costume that I will be wearing at Fantasy Fest! Yes Fantasy Fest, and I have never been there before but after looking around this site my husband and I decided we should go and have some sexy fun! My special little "costume" is all rhinestone and very revealing. Do you guys think I should wear it? Is it too much? Let me know!

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Been about a year since I have sent in any photos, been planning this photo session for about a week now and wouldn't luck have it today was a extra cool day outside. hubby and I decided to take some shots inside. I hope you like! I know its always better out in the wide open and taking the chance of being seen. It always makes me extra wet thinking i could get cought naked (-: We always love reading the commets and any new ideas you girls or guys my have for my next posting. let me know and i will try filling your request.. hope you enjoyed looking because I really enjoyed showing making all you guys hard and girls wet.. Till next time.

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