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My girlfriend Krystal and I just sent in some pics to the NIP section a couple of days ago, wanted to send some to the Private Shtos section also! After having some NIP shots done at our college over Easter (we hope to see them there soon), my girlfriend Krystal let me dress her up in to my liking and snap these pics. She has hopes that others will be liking her outfit, and what she fit into it, so please be kind with your comments. She has promised me to take some more exotic pics, both inside our apartment and out in public, and then post them if folks don't make poor comments...PDPMEM

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These pictures were taken after a night out at the cinema. My wife wore the dress that I like best as even when buttoned up, you can see right up to her pussy when she sits down. I've included one pic from an evening out to show how this dress opens up (I love it!). On this occassion she got a bit tipsy before going to the cinema and ended up taking off her knickers right there in the cinema which gave me a real turn on, then sat back while I played with her. Then we went to a bar where she sat and let me push her dress up to show her pussy to anyone that cared to look. This was the first time she'd let me do anything like this and even though I have posted a few pics of her before, she never knew (I figured she be pretty mad at me). This time she has chosen the pics to send in and even asked me if she can upload video! She's actually very shy in public so all I need now to encourage her is lots of kind comments. We'll reply to all those that we can. (See also the upcoming Red Clouds contribution from the same set in the near future!!)

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