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Hi, Voyeurs! Saturn has graciously allowed a few pictures of her to be posted to the site wearing the corset ensemble that Mars designed for her. The corset was custom made in leather and a separate crinoline was used to offset the hardness of it. No similar corset was found ready-made, so we adapted a model that is usually made of satin. You won't see it in these photos, but she would normally wear small-hole fishnet, thigh-high stay-ups with it. Saturn wore this to a small, local swing club's leather night, in mid April. As soon as we entered and Saturn removed her coat, she was the talk of the dance - everyone wanted to come and compliment her! When Mars left her side, she got approached again and again. (Was it her magnetism or his repulsion?) Whatever it was, he was so proud of her and you could tell she loved every minute of it, too! A couple more photos from Saturn's closet are included, to spice up the contribution. We would love to hear your comments.

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She is my 28 YO ExGF. She uses to wear short skirts, little dresses and shirts. But now she is crazy about fucking me so I'm always daring her to wear smaller and thiner outfits in public without underwear, obviously I buy all her clothes, so when she uses them I never tell her the truth about how see-trhu they really are. She thinks that she just looks like a daring woman, but I'm sure that everybody in the street think that she is just a paid slut cause a GF won't go out dressed like a whore. When she starts to feel comfortable in some places like parks, restaurants or in the street, I just pull up her skirt or down her shirt in front of strangers, I just want her to feel offered like a bitch. More to come.

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