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Hi Kate, Sailor, 30Five, Asher, Maxine-et. al., I am such a fan of naturist & RC. I was turned on by a friend & keeper of my heart. Unfortunately, I had to shoot these all by my lonesome on Christmas Eve. The one I love didn't seem interested in helping me so, I did it myself. Gee...get some cheese to go with that whine-huh? I am 40 yrs old, 5'2", 110lbs, have a daughter, 2 operations-anyway, I am by no means perfect but I thought I'd see what the world has to say (what a dork I am). Also, I hope this encourages more older women out there, even if you are by yourself, to get shooting! Be brave! It doesn't take guts, it takes a camera! Take a chance! I dare ya!! Anyway, this is my 1st time to post any kind of pics anywhere on the web & I chose RC. Also my first time using this camera so the quality could & will (if anyone wants more-maybe I can get some help next time :P ) improve as I learn it. The camera is a Sony Nightshot CCD DCR-TRV820 with printer-technology is amazing, isn't it? Merry Christmas to all naturist & nudistfans everywhere!!! Thanks, Wake up with a smile and go after life!!! Terri ---) :))

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Greetings to Kate, Asher, Jerry, and the ever sweet Sailor! While we haven't posted much this year, we've still enjoyed the best on the web, and appreciate the ongoing changes and upgrades. We thought it was time for another contri, and hope that you and the viewers enjoy the pics. It's been sooo hot this summer, that minimal clothing is the order of the day. As I drop the strap of my sundress, the soft fabric brushes my nipples and a light breeze teases them to hardness. The heat calls for a siesta, but thoughts of you make sleep impossible. My hand is drawn to my dampening thighs. Oh, how I wish it was your hand, your lips, your tongue exploring, teasing, taking me to the edge....then beyond. Come to me, please! Kisses,

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