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Loren - On Her Day Off Hey guys. I hope you like this set even though I look horrible. What's new? Nothing much ... still working and all, but Yes!!!! No work or school today! Haha! Sooo because of that, I woke up knowing what I'd like to do with my free day. I will wear cute, sexy clothes, my brand new shoes bought from work, and then...not go to work! hehe...smiles! Instead, I will go to the good ol OC -- to that place where my ex and I once went (which, according to him, looked like the biggest mall in the world). I love it, I will eat street food (because street food fed me while growing up), and then shop at those little wagon shops. I love those makes every place feel like an amusement park.

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Life's been so hectic that stress and sexual frustration are getting to me. Lately I've had trouble sleeping, and even touching myself won't lull me into slumber. Sometimes there just aren't adequate substitutes for the real thing! I received a note yesterday from Brandon, the boy in those videos with me on my site who I was seeing last year. It appears that one of his friends saw the video online, recognized us, and had some choice comments on our deviant sex acts. I feared Brandon was embarassed being teased about our sexual exploits (especially ones involving my bottom), but part of me was hoping that he wanted to do it again. All he said was that he found the whole thing amusing and kind of cool. I feel like a total dork for getting worked up over it, but what else is new? LOL

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