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So me and my boyfriend are getting ready to buy a house so we decided to go drive around just to be nosy and get ideas, we just happened to end up in this beautiful forest neighborhood where the houses were spread apart and had lots of acreage. We got out and walked around a bit then my boyfriend had this crazy idea of taking pictures in our possibly new neighborhood. It was a little dorky but I was totally down. Started off quite innocent then I got a little play full and started teasing him, a little boob here and lip biting there. At this point we were both so turned on, I am butt naked hanging on some tree posing and theres people driving by staring at me which of course just turned me on more.

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And what would a contribution from me be without a holla to my new fans? So, here's a big MWAH to: Another hot chick fan, and a local at that - Kathy from the Inland Empire (and to her hubby, too); Lamont and Tyler from Alabama; Paul from Florida; kitty'n'chip and fergie from Georgia; davelicks from Kansas, John F from Missouri; Skiver from Montana (my official #450th fan - whoot); HappyDoug from Oklahoma; fun51 Gordon from Oregon; Steve(TX), Joseph and Kevin L. from Texas; the Wizard from Washington State and Spike from Wyoming. And internationally - anban from So. Africa; Fips from Austria; thickbrown8inch from India; Bobby123 from Ireland; kirthim from New Zealand; Mac Mc working Saudi Arabia; Guru from Spain; and Kev and joolz from the UK.

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