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This time I wanted to have a surprise about my partners of sex... So my husband organized the night with some friends and told me just to prepare with very sexy lingerie. In the car, while he was driving, gave me this particular glasses (in the internal side he put dark trim) so I saw nothing! He stopped the car and 2 guys come inside the car... I didn't know whom were them, and they didn't speak, so I cannot recognize their voice… after 20 minutes, I was carried to their apartment and always dressing dark glasses, we begin to make sex... only after 1 hour of sex I decided to see who were them. Fantastic surprise!!!! I love these friends and it's not the first time I make sex with them... It's been a really fantastic experience and I suggest to you, my voy-zone friends and... I show this pictures for you!

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I was surprised at the response to my last contribution. From the feedback here and emails through my website, it was reassuring to hear that some people appreciate my duality: My attempts at pulling off a serious sexier look, which takes great effort (and has varying success), and also my goofy/dorky side, which sadly comes all too natural! LOL. This summer I've been somewhat of a recluse, so I fear the dorkier part has taken over! University starts soon, so I'm trying to reclaim some seriousness. So it was with great effort that I tried to pull off these pics, which hopefully are less goofy and with any luck, a little sexy. (Fingers crossed)

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