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Hi everyone: My wife told me she was done posing and requested I withdraw all her pics from naturist but just when I thought the fun was all, over she surprised me. In a recent hotel stay, she woke up on a bright sunny morning, pulled the drapes open and began dancing in front of the window. I'm sure anyone in the hotel and the buildings across the street who witnessed this must have had as a good of time as me (well almost *LOL*). Hoping she'd continue, I grabbed the camera and started snapping. When she saw these pics she thought they were so fun she wanted me to submit them. Sorry if the pics are bright but we were shooting into the sun. Please title this one "How much is that girlie girl in the window?" and while it may not be a true NIP, it probably wouldn't hurt to put them there since the NIP contris seem to be few and far between these days. I hope the viewers will encourage her to do more. PDNPMEA or name. PS. Thanks to the naturist staff for being cooperative and understanding about us withdrawing her previous pics.

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Hello Kate and crew and all you voy-zonebers out there! Thank you all so much for your comments to my last few contris! And thank YOU Sailor for your sweet comments to each one of my pictures -- it can't be easy to think of something new and nice to say to all the pictures you review everyday. I guess it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it, huh? These pictures were taken at the same location that the B&W ones I sent in early September were taken (some of those even made the HOF -- thanks! :) ). There are a couple here that are kind of duplicates of the B&W ones, only in color. It was such a neat location, I just couldn't stand getting dressed and leaving it without taking more pictures! I hope you enjoy them as much as the others, you all are too kind. Last, thank you Kate (and everyone else there at nudist) for keeping such a wonderful site up and running for so long. I wouldn't think of posting my pics anywhere else. Have fun all!

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