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If it's not one thing, it's another. Now that the snow has stopped falling we are being treated to a healthy dose of April Showers. It was a bit warmer the other day, though it was wet outside, so I went to class in this somewhat funky mishmatched outfit and my flatmate near insisted we snap some shots in it once I got home. What can I say? When it's gloomy outside I want to brighten the world with my poor attempts at color coordination! The precipitation has been keeping me in doors though, and I've been exchanging a fair share of emails to pass the time when I should be doing my homework (especially now that University is almost coming to an end for the year). I do rather appreciate the kind words left in the comments and many of the emails sent to me through my website, and I am making a concerted effort to put all of this indoor time towards taking more photos and filling more requests. I think I shocked the boy I was seeing last year (the one I am with in the videos on my site), because he was floored by how wild some of the suggestions were! Needless to say, he's convinced you're all trying to corrupt me! I think he was more floored by how much of it I am open to. :)

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Ok nudistgang and all. Thank you for your encouraging comments and request. First I just want to say that none of my past post or present post include hubby in any of them (he is always taking the pics). Secondly I am not from Texas, I am Hawaiian born and raised(acually 1/2 hawaiian). I am just a fun loving nympo slut that loves to party and play and loves cock anyway I can get them. Last but not least,, you guys with the rude comments... well they dont bother me one bit,, I am above all that petty childish, Immature stupidity. Intelligent, mature men, "Real Men" wouldnt make any comments if they didnt like my pics, they would just move on. I dont expect everyone to like them, I would be foolish and naive if I did. These posts are for the ones who enjoy them as much as I love making them and for the guys that would like to make some new ones with me :-)~ Kisses and Licks Luv

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