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Hi Everyone! Here are some leftover pictures from out St. Patrick's Day pictures. In case you missed them, let me tell you what happened. Well, I wore some sweat pants over my green bra and undies (which look white in these pics, by the way) I thought I would easily slip them on and off, if I had too. So, we found this one little place, there were a couple of people there, but no one was really paying any attention to us. Or so we thought. *wink* We went for a little walk to scope out a place, and found this little spot back in the woods. We set up our "theme" and started shooting. I hear this coughing, and TC throws me my sweatpants. An older man comes walking up, sees us, and turns back the other way. I yelled out "sorry". So, we proceeded to start taking pictures again. No sooner than 5 minutes pass and we hear the coughing again, and this time, he walks right passed us, really quick and whispers to us, "Two people are coming and there is a woman". (I guess he figured the woman might get mad.)Thank God for him. I threw the pants on again, and sure enough, here comes the couple walking their dogs.UGH! They pass by and apologize to US, of all things. LOL At this point, I am not to thrilled with being out there. I tell TC we need to hurry!! So, over to the "pot of gold" we go, to finish up and no sooner did we snap a few and the older man comes back by coughing. A mother and her children. So, at that point, I knew it was time to quit, just way to risky out there. :( The older man was our self appointed look out. If you see this, thanks for looking out for us!!! Love and Kisses,cherokee

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Hello nudist's, welcome to my butt show! :-)) Hope you enjoy these pictures!! And by the way: If you hate tattoos or something else, please go wherever you want! But don`t stay! And keep your comments for yourself! Who needs these comments and you aren't strong enough to leave your e-mail address. Be lucky that users upload their contris and keep the site alive!! And that's for free!!! For all my friends - enjoy!!! :-) Kisses Svenja Hallo Ihr Lieben, und hier sind schon die nachsten Bilder von mir! Da das Wetter auch so langsam besser wird, werden wir sicherlich auch demnachst wieder "outddor" Bilder machen! Wir freuen uns schon wieder auf den Sommer!!!! :-) Sollte es zufallig eine kleine Bi-Maus aus dem Norden Deutschlands geben (Nahe HH), die sich gerne mal mit mir zusammen ablichten lassen mochte - dann melde Dich bitte bei mir!!! :-)) Am besten uber die "comments" und nicht vergessen Deine e-mail Adresse anzugeben!!! So, ich wunsche Euch viel Spa? bei meinen Bildern! Wenn Ihr die Bilder geil findet, dann wurde ich mich uber Kommentare und ein Voting sehr freuen! Geile Gru?e Svenja

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