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Hello again Kate, First of all, let me tell you what a great idea the NEWBIE AND FAQ BB is. I was able to get several questions answered in a timely manner, and in one of them, Kate gave me some rules (what is acceptable and what is not) for contributing to the private shots area. Hats off to you Kate!!! Anne would like to thank all of the loyal viewers for the wonderful comments they have left on the BB. We read all postings and try to respond to as many as possible. One said she looked 18, she really loved that one!!!!!!! In today's contri, Anne has a variety of poses. I am including a very hot WFI, just for you Kate. Would you please label these shots ANNE N#6, and for old times sake, please don't show my e-mail address. he-he :) he-he. PS- Kate, Can you tell us what country and city you work out of ?????? I know you have four or five servers, where are they ???? more logistics and technical data PLEASE. Thanks

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Hi everybody! We've been member for a while now and this is our first contribution. My hubby loves to share me and I love to be shared. I will love to read your comments, the nastier, the better. Tell me everything you would like to do to me! I can take it anywhere and and I up to anything :) Oh, one more thing - we are in NM and we'd love to learn if there are any swinger clubs in this state. Please, let us now if you have any information about that. Obviously, we are open to meet new people - men, women and/or couples. If there is a little but of chemistry I am sure we can have a lot of fun together. Love to you all! Ella

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