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I've been lurking around your site for a while now. I really think you guys do a "stellar" job at purveying this perversion we call voyeurism. Anyway I've always wondered what went on at home while I was at work, so I bought a clock radio cam and set it on my side of the bed. I told my wife that the display on her clock was too small for me to read early in the morning. As insurance I bought the same clock radio without the camera and left it on the night stand for a while. She has stumbled across this site via my netscape bookmarks, so I thought she might be a bit suspicious. Anyway, after a while I changed clocks a got the following video. The original video is much cleaner however. I'm using "All In Wonder Pro" for video capture. If anyone out there is familiar with this program, and can help me get the QUALITY I want for about 40 seconds of video but still keeping the size within the naturist limits, Please post on the comments board, or the tech tips board. Thanks Very Much! I hope this bit of video is pleasing to you all. I have ALOT more! Kind Regards,

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